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Laurens Eckelboom has over 18 years experience in sales and marketing holding senior and executive positions in the IT and Parking industry. Laurens joined Parkmobile Group in 2005.

He earned two Master degrees, one in Business Marketing from TIAS Business School, Tilburg University in The Netherlands and the other from Utrecht University in International Relations.

Laurens also completed the Executive Retailing Program at Santa Clara University in San José, CA. He has served as a master level lecturer at the University of Eindhoven, and the HES School of Economics and Management in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Marketing Partner | IP Commerce

IP Commerce

IP Commerce: Powering the next generation of point-of-sale applications

IP Commerce is powering POS 2.0 – the next generation of point-of-sale commerce – bringing online consumer experiences into offline commerce environments via tablet, mobile and all other cloud-connected devices.

IP Commerce offers the only open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that serves POS 2.0 application developers with fast and easy APIs and workflows for innovative commerce solutions.

Our intelligent infrastructure provides advanced two-way workflows and data for rich commerce interactions, retail offer management, multi-party fund disbursement, merchant boarding and other value-added commerce services to enrich the transaction before, during and after payment – all enabled by our open Platform.

With offices in Denver and San Francisco, IP Commerce has partnered with many of the world’s most respected and forward-thinking financial institutions and software companies, including Vantiv, Chase, Intuit, Vista, Clover and many others.

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Welcome Reception | Sponsored by PressPay

Social Mobile Payments & PressPay Cordially Invite You To Attend


Rick Bakas 2012

The Opening Night Welcome Reception


Rick Bakas, VP Marketing, PressPay

“The Social Sommelier”

Sponsored By PressPay

Tuesday November 6th | 6:00 ~ 8:00 PM

Marriott Bayview Ballroom – Second Floor

PressPay will be opening a selection of varietals

While Rick provides information on wines served


Bakas a noted Author, Consultant and Mobile Commerce Strategist along with PressPay senior executives will toast and celebrate the Americas event by uncorking a wide variety of premium wines for guests to sample at the opening night welcome reception.

PressPay Logo

“We’re celebrating our new partnership with!” exclaims Cameron Doherty, CEO of PressPay. “We’re proud to announce this new partnership at the Social Mobile Payments Conference, and we’re happy to celebrate our success with all the delegates and presenters attending this groundbreaking conference.  

We’ll be uncorking something for everyone” says Bakas a certified Sommelier by the Court Of Master Sommeliers “We’ll have a selection of choice wines, from around the world for attendees to indulge in. We’re looking forward to sharing some great grapes and making some new friends as we welcome everyone to the opening night of the conference”.

“Guests will taste some great wine. If they’d like to enjoy some of it back home, on the spot and in a matter of seconds they can order more using their mobile device, with the winery shipping it directly to their home.” reports CEO Doherty “Our application sits between the consumer and m-commerce websites, making buying on mobile devices easier for customers; which means fewer abandoned shopping carts for merchants”.

“We’ll be celebrating in the stunning 2nd Floor Bayview Ballroom” adds Senior Event Coordinator, Meghann Anderson. “This ballroom features floor to ceiling windows that provide a beautiful view of Biscayne Bay and the Venetian Causeway. With brilliant glow across the bay coming from Miami’s legendary South Beach”.

Bayview Ballroom














Networking Dinner At Catch Bar & Grill

 This premium event requires an additional registration fee.  This optional event is not included in the standard conference registration package.

Wednesday November 7th 8:30 – 10:00 | Join us for a networking dinner, take in the view at the refreshingly new, casually comfortable Catch on the Bay. Enjoy your favorite seafood dishes artfully prepared in a smart and inviting ambiance.

Catch Grill + Bar

Located in the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, Catch on the Bay is a fresh spin on an all-day South Florida fish house and lounge. $99.00 | Includes Choice of Domestic Beers and House Wines, Coffee and Tea Service.

Catch Restaurant

Catch will be serving a specially prepared “Taste of Florida” menu for this networking dinner


Mediterranean Trio | Hummus, Eggplant Caponata & Marinated Olives with Crispy Garlic Pita

Plant City Strawberry Citrus Salad | Biscayne Arugula, Orange Supremes, Spiced Pistachios, Citrus Vinaigrette

Choice of Entree:

Gulf Seared Grouper with Edamame Puree, Grilled Corn Relish, Soy-Lime Butter

Churrasco Steak with House Made Yucca Fries, Onion Ring, and Chimichurri


Key Lime Pie with Traditional Graham Cracker Crust

Coastal Terrace Aerial

Blog Post | M2M: Mobile To Machine In Generation-M!

data“Device to device interaction without human interference” was the way it was defined to me by Alex Brisbourne, President and COO of KORE Telematics. He should know. Brisbourne has been connecting devices for the purpose of communication for well over 15 years.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication has been the subject of many magazine articles, books, and movies. We’ve seen it go wrong in movies like 2001, A Space Odyssey, and it has been discussed at length in many white papers published in leading journals.

But in Generation-M, it’s become a reality. More specifically, it’s not just machine-to-machine, but rather mobile-to-machine, where a mobile device talks to a static host utilizing wireless networks for communication.

Machine-to-machine communication has been around a long time; however, recent advances in high-speed wireless networks such as 3G, WiMAX and LTE have facilitated the connectivity of mobile machines collecting data and reporting it back to a server compiling the information, tucked away in the data center.

There are a lot of variables on the basic M2M premise, as I witnessed while attending the recent CTIA Enterprise and Applications event in San Diego, Calif. I saw mobile phones interacting with soda vending machines. And that was just the beginning. There were Cadillac’s with removable tablets in the dashboard, smart homes that were controlled via mobile apps, and, of course, mobile phones acting as credit card terminals, but with new, exciting twists.

I don’t have the space to detail all the solutions I witnessed and executives I interviewed while attending CTIA. But I do want to provide some of the major highlights from the event. If you’re in the mobile financial service business and you’re not attending these events you’re missing out on new innovations and inspiration that could possibly propel your company into the future. I know not everyone gets to meet with all the executives that journalists do, but most of what I’ll highlight here was available firsthand in either the keynote presentations, learning tracks or on the exhibit floor.

I packed a lot into the three days of the event, but I have to say the highlight of the show was one that a lot of delegates missed out on. Not everyone stuck around through Thursday, missing the last day’s keynote presentation hosted by Quentin Hardy, deputy tech editor of the New York Times. He introduced companies that were disruptive, blazing new trails in the mobile space. Being a bit of a catalyst myself, I found a kinship with the executives who presented their company’s innovations that morning.

The panel consisted of Cyriac Roeding of Shopkick, Daniel Mattes of Jumio, and Eric Setton of Tango. As I’m focused on the convergence of social, mobile and payments I’m going to focus on the Shopkick presentation for now and leave Jumio, and Tango for another post. Roeding, the CEO and cofounder of Shopkick, started his presentation by telling us about his trek to Bhutan in the Himalaya Mountains. He told us when he got to the top of the mountain in this serene haven one of the first things he encountered was a priest dressed in traditional garb with a smart phone pressed to his ear having a conversation as he descended the steps from the temple. Roeding told us he traveled further up the mountain to what is referred to as the Tigers Nest. There he stumbled upon a group of monks gathered around something on the ground. Upon closer inspection he found they were grouped around a cell phone, watching it download the latest ring tones.

Roeding went on to speak about how Shopkick has developed some patent pending technology that allows retail locations to sense when a consumer with the Shopkick app has entered the store. He informed us that GPS is not location sensitive enough, and NFC doesn’t have enough saturation yet, to merit using either technology to detect a consumer’s entry into a retail store. Instead, the Shopkick app interacts with a box installed inside the store.

The Shopkick box, which costs retailers less than $100 and is roughly the size of a paperback book, plugs into any power outlet and emits an audio signal that’s undetectable to the human ear but automatically picked up by a smartphone’s microphone. Because the signal’s range is limited to the internal perimeter of the store, users must physically enter the location to earn Shopkick rewards, or “Kicks.”

As Roeding pointed out, because detection occurs via the mobile device, consumers retain control over the privacy of their location information.

Then Roeding showed a slide that nearly knocked me out of my chair. It was just a plain black background with the words, “There is clearly a big opportunity on the intersection of mobile, social and shopping.” Anyone who reads my blog posts, and who has been following me in social media channels, realizes how much this statement hit home with me…

Roeding went on to describe very passionately the growth, uptake and acceptance of Shopkick by consumers, retailers and payment companies across the nation. As consumers enter retail stores they are immediately rewarded and are offered exclusive deals available only to Shopkick users. They may earn additional kicks by engaging with featured merchandise using the app to scan barcodes.

Kicks can be collected and redeemed immediately for gift cards, discounts and more at participating retailers. Retailers include Best Buy, Target, Macy’s, and Toys “R” Us. Shopkick has gained so much momentum that Citi entered into a partnership with them, footing the bill for installation of their boxes for small local businesses who apply. Small businesses are encouraged to apply and receive additional foot traffic and repeat business by becoming a part of the community at

Needless to say, you can clearly see how mobile devices communicating with static machines can facilitate all types of dynamic relationships. Just think how else this type of simple technology, coupled with a smart device in your hand, can lead to a whole new world of interactive services, a world where retailers, consumers and payment processors can co-reside, supporting each other in Generation-M!

Blog Post | Numbers: The Universal Language of Generation-M

NumbersI did it! I survived the trial by fire, and came out on the other end virtually unscathed. It wasn’t easy, there were a lot of late nights and long days… But from all input I’ve received I think I’ve provided good content and networking opportunities and somehow organized a relatively good event.

I guess if it was easy everybody would do it.

I don’t think I could’ve just put on another mobile money show. I don’t think the world needs another one of those. I needed to do something different, something unique, and something that brought together people from a lot different industries who are all trying to figure out the same thing.

It seems everyone’s trying to better understand how to marry social media, high-speed mobile networks and the idea that everyone can pay anyone, anywhere, at any time. The idea of a ubiquitous, omnipresent payment system that works across all devices, all networks, and all financial service providers is an idyllic vision. But that’s not to say it’s not attainable, because there is one thing that all these payment systems and services have in common : numbers

All cultures, all financial institutions, all payment methodologies, and all devices both static and dynamic, have one basis for common ground; that is that all transactions in some way break down to the basic universal language of numbers.

From America to Zimbabwe – regardless of language, culture, or economic class – everyone in the world uses numbers to indicate values of goods and services. From penny candy to billion dollar mansions, each item in the world has a price attached to it. So why is there so much trouble exchanging this simple numerical data? The universal numbering system is based on “0 to 9″ –  ten simple digits – that are perfect and never lie. Yes, you can round up and round down; there are fractions, and percentages and all the rest of the calculations. But in its basic form and function numbers are simple and ubiquitous worldwide.

All mobile devices, feature phones, smart phones and even tablets have a keyboard which, in one form or another, contain the digits zero through nine. From the emerging market basic cell phone to the high-resolution, LTE connected iPad all these devices have one thing in common: the ability to enter numbers.

Of all the speakers that provided us with information and insight at the Social Mobile Payments conference, the one that seems most connected to this simple idea is Dwolla’s CEO Ben Milne. Sure he swears like a sailor, dresses down in jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops, and doesn’t seem to be afraid of confrontation or controversy. But his idea of a ubiquitous system where banks talk to banks and exchange money using a simple clearinghouse is about as simplistic and disruptive as you get.

Right now, as far as I know, the Dwolla services only relate to U.S. banks. But the idea of banks is pretty much universal too. Wherever there’s money, there is a need for secure place to keep that money when you’re not using it. The format, principles and processes may differ from country to country, and culture to culture, but basically banks are thought of as a secure, trustworthy place to keep your money.

So can the Dwolla idea be a premise for a global mobile money system? I don’t need to tell the readers of Mobile Payments Today about the growth of mobile financial services in emerging markets. I tweeted an article this morning about 12 billion shillings that have been transacted using mobile devices in Africa. The simplicity of a new system based on the elementary idea of moving numbers electronically from one place to another, using interconnected banks as the network, is a global idea that needs scrutiny.  This simple system could help facilitate a global economic renewal through the flow of currency and the ease of global universal transactions.

The idea of reducing the number of parties required in moving money from one bank to another returns money to businesses, consumers and banks stabilizing all three legs of the stool. Eliminating third, fourth and sometimes even fifth-party companies that collect a percentage along the way redistributes the wealth to those who need it in Generation-M!

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Innovation Insights | split(able): Mary Foden

Thanks to generous donations from Cisco, PayAir, XIUS, and Appcelerator we were able to provide complimentary registrations to several early-stage startups focused on the social, mobile and payments space.

Without these donations these startups would not have been able to afford attending and networking with the senior executives and providing an insight as to their unique and innovative ideas.

The Americas conference will continue the tradition providing even more start-ups with visibility through the Social Mobile Payments November event.

If you are start-up working on solutions for the social, mobile and payments ecosystem we’d like to feature your company at our event. If you are a benefactor and would like to sponsor a startup and help spur innovation please contact us.

Mary Foden’s split(able) was one of the startups that benefited from the contributions made for our inaugural event in April.

Mary Foden

Mary Foden ~ Co-Founder split(able)

“Social Mobile Payments was outstanding. It felt more like a well-organized meetup than a traditional conference, which made it incredibly easy to meet and build personal relationships with all the established leaders and trailblazers who were there.”

“Thanks for embracing startups, and for letting us jump onstage for an impromptu demo! This is the one conference we can’t wait to come back to next year.”

split(able) logo

Make payments social


Free your shopping cart and let people pay together


split(able) is the flexible payment platform for businesses.

Whether your customer wants to pay with one card or split the cost with other people, split(able) makes it easy for your customers to pay how they want.

Flexible - Liberate - Social

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Mobile Payments Market Guide 2012 – Insights in the global mobile financial services ecosystem

Research Type: Overview
Published: 17 Apr 2012
Pages: 138
File Type: PDF
Size: 9833kb
Analysts: Gaza Monica
Geographic Scope:    World
Editions: Mobile Payments
Topics: ClientCompanyMarketOnline-Payments,ProductServices
Companies: The Paypers Mobey Forum Efma SIMalliance Smart Payment Association


The Paypers proudly presents The Mobile Payments Market Guide 2012, a comprehensive overview of the global m-payments market, mapping out on-going initiatives, success stories and industry players, be they MNOs, banks, technology providers, phone manufacturers and payment processors.

The Mobile Payments Market Guide 2012 provides an in-depth look at the global mobile financial services ecosystem, combining insight from key stakeholders and top-level industry thought leaders with a comprehensive overview of market players.

Our partners in putting together the guide are powerful industry organizations: Mobey Forum, the bank-led association defining a sustainable and prosperous mobile financial services ecosystem; Efma, a not-for-profit association specializing in retail financial marketing with over 3,000 brands in 130 countries as active members; SIMalliance, the non-profit trade association dedicated to supporting the creation, deployment and management of secure mobile services across the globe; Smart Payment Association, which represents around 87% of the smart payment cards market and whose members have delivered more than 798 million smart payment cards in 2010; and Innopay, a leading consultancy firm specializing in online and mobile payment development.

The guide lists over 280 profiles of companies in the mobile financial services ecosystem and features both thought leadership articles and actual business cases providing information as well as food for thought.

The Mobile Payments Market Guide 2012 aims to provide an arena where voices from all across the industry – regulators, technology companies, banks, payments processors and consumers – can expose their vision, discuss issues such as security, business models and revenue opportunities, and argue the case for what they consider to be the way forward in mobile financial services.