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National Unlimited

Marketing Partner | National Unlimited

Introducing National Unlimited Distributor of mobile phones and data devices with extensive knowledge experience in GSM, CDMA, and 3G devices. Our services include product sourcing, development, fulfillment, software provisioning, homologation support, customizing, and reverse … [Read More...]


Media Partner | Ubergizmo

About Ubergizmo We love gadgets and the technologies that make the gadgets go. We are geeks to the core, but we also talk electronics in a way that our grandparents can understand. We take everything into consideration from design, to user interface to practicality, pricing and competition.We … [Read More...]

HOLM Small

Social Media Workshop | Head of Lettuce Media

 This premium event requires an additional registration fee.  This optional event is not included in the standard conference registration package.  Twitter ◊ Facebook ◊ LinkedIn ◊ YouTube ◊ Google+ ◊ Pinterest You know social is becoming more and more important to media mix, but where do … [Read More...]

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Election Day Networking Dinner At City Hall

 This premium event requires an additional registration fee.  This optional event is not included in the standard conference registration package.   Join Us Election Day ~ November 6th At City Hall!   You are cordially invited to join us Election Day at Tuesday November 6th at 8:30 … [Read More...]

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Marketing Partner | Canadian Consulate In Miami

Canadian Capabilities: Mobile Banking, Commerce & Payment The Social Mobile Payments Conference Series would like to thank the Canadian Consulate in Miami for their sponsorship of and participation in the Social Mobile Payments: Americas event. As the Audio/Video and Technology sponsor the … [Read More...]


Blog Post | M2M: Mobile To Machine In Generation-M!

“Device to device interaction without human interference” was the way it was defined to me by Alex Brisbourne, President and COO of KORE Telematics. He should know. Brisbourne has been connecting devices for the purpose of communication for well over 15 years. Machine-to-machine (M2M) … [Read More...]

Payment Eye Icon

Media Partner | Payment Eye

  PaymentEye is the foremost global news intelligence and analysis tool for a network of professionals involved in the payments sector worldwide, from innovative start-ups and clearing banks to merchant PoS innovators and mobile solutions companies. Since the modern industry works on the … [Read More...]

The Nilson Report

Media Partner | The Nilson Report

Join top executives in 89 countries who have come to rely on The Nilson Report's unparalleled experience in delivering first-hand intelligence on the payments industry. Our twelve-page newsletter, published 23 times a year, provides readers worldwide with • Statistics available from no other … [Read More...]


Media Partner | Top Credit Card Processors

Top Credit Card Processors:    The, is a research firm dedicated to identifying and ranking the best credit card processors in the United States. These payment service providers are able to provide national services with flexible … [Read More...]


Blog Post | Google Wallet: Connecting The Dots in Generation-M

I recently did my first Google Wallet transaction. No, it wasn't a field trial, or a pilot program; it was a real transaction for real goods and services in a real retail store. It was pretty seamless; I turned on my phone, unlocked the screen and entered my PIN number to allow access to the Google … [Read More...]