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Blog Post | It’s all about the data in Generation-M

I recently attended the Retail Solution Providers Association Convention in in Las Vegas, otherwise known as RetailNOW. The event featured a bevy of new retail point of sale solutions. I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that the words "iPad" and "smartphone" were uttered more often than the … [Read More...]


Media Partner | Paybefore

Paybefore is the leading provider of information to the prepaid industry. Our fully integrated family of media properties includes: the Paybefore News, Paybefore News International, Paybefore Update, and Paybefore Legal email newsletters; the online portal; and the Paybefore … [Read More...]


Event Sponsor | Digital River World Payments

Digital River World Payments Digital River World Payments is a full-service global payments solution for online merchants looking for the most innovative, dynamic and effective ways to improve profitability and increase customer lifetime value. We offer relevant payment options in nearly every … [Read More...]


Blog Post | Picture Perfect – Processing Images in Generation-M

Chase recently set up shop in Florida with new banking branches springing up everywhere in my area. As my wife and I already had some cards with them we decided to move some of our accounts to the new branches. With the accounts came new tools that weren’t being offered at our previous … [Read More...]


Blog Post | Mobile Money: From Infancy to Intrinsic

It seems everybody except my brother is trying to get a toehold in the marketplace with their version of a mobile wallet. But in order for a mobile wallet to replace our right rear pocket accessory it needs to provide all the capabilities that its leather counterparts have been providing since the … [Read More...]


Media Partner | is an online media channel that captures user-generated and expert-driven commentary, information, news and analysis on “what’s next” in the payments sector, worldwide. The site provides a platform for industry professionals to share content related to their latest company and product … [Read More...]


Networking Dinner At Catch Bar & Grill

 This premium event requires an additional registration fee.  This optional event is not included in the standard conference registration package. Wednesday November 7th 8:30 - 10:00 | Join us for a networking dinner, take in the view at the refreshingly new, casually comfortable Catch on the … [Read More...]


Media Partner | Bank Innovation

About Us Bank Innovation is produced by Royal Media Group, a media company that has served the financial services industry since 1995. The site offers industry professionals a unique forum for sharing information, reading news, posting blogs, and e-networking with colleagues. Bank … [Read More...]


Blog Post | Virtual Vegas: Cashless in Generation-M!

An anthill, that’s how I’d describe it in one simple statement — an anthill. I’m talking about CES, the International Consumer Electronics Show that happened in Las Vegas recently. The event was so large it filled both the Sands and Las Vegas Convention Center and several other surrounding … [Read More...]

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Marketing Partner | Canadian Consulate In Miami

Canadian Capabilities: Mobile Banking, Commerce & Payment The Social Mobile Payments Conference Series would like to thank the Canadian Consulate in Miami for their sponsorship of and participation in the Social Mobile Payments: Americas event. As the Audio/Video and Technology sponsor the … [Read More...]